Dead End Time

The Historic Bible End Times was 1st Century.
One entire theme of the New Testament is
the Apostles lived in the last days and
the Lord would return in their generation.

The Last Days was imminent to the Apostles. Jesus never said otherwise.

Concise with specific order and details, Jesus warned his disciples of  the end times which was about to fall on them. He warned them so those who listened had the opportunity to escape the days of distress unequaled from the beginning of the world. Jesus' first hand warning to the disciples is repeated three times: Matthew 24:1-31; Mark 13:1-27; Luke 21:5-28.
1. One prevalent New Testament theme is the end will come in the near future of the disciples.

2. Jesus never insinuated the end would come in the distant future.

3. When Jesus warned the disciples of things to come, he never inserted a time gap of thousands of years between signs of his coming and the end of the age.

3. Jesus said when the end came the Son of Man would come in the clouds and send his angels down to gather his elect.

4. All references in the New Testament to the End Time indicate the end would come in their near future and in their generation. Here is a list.

5. No references in the New Testament imply the End Time is in the distant future of the disciples.

6. Shocked when Jesus said the temple would be entirely torn down, the disciples wanted to know when this would be and the signs of his coming and of the end of the age. They understood this to be in their own generation. Jesus would not deceive them.

7. Jesus would never use illusive language to confuse his disciples.

8 Jesus spoke directly to his disciples, not to you and I today.

9. If Jesus knew the "end" would occur thousands of years in the future, he would not deceive his disciples into thinking they would live to see the "end."

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The return of Christ and End Time in the near future of the Apostles is New Testament doctrine. Here is proof.